Club Chad                                              Established 1970


Mission Statement:


*  I enjoy buying custom patches from around the world, and designing custom designs for patches on denim jackets for Tall Men, the size 3XLT.

*  Men that are Large and in Charge!

*  I hope you enjoy my custom designed Club Chad Jackets.

*  Every jacket is different.  No 2 jackets are alike!

*  Please e-mail me for Prices and Availability of Inventory. 

*  Each jacket is a custom order and takes 4 to 8 weeks to complete.

*  Custom Jackets can made for little people too.

*  THANK YOU for visiting

   *  For inquiries e-mail:

Disclaimer Message:

*  I didn’t invent the denim jacket

*  I didn’t invent custom patches


How Club Chad Was Created

I’ve always been fascinated with patches, ever since I was a Cub Scout back in the 70’s. Once I started getting Merit Badge Patches, my hobby of collecting began.  For some reason I dropped out of Scouts, and I didn’t get to become a Boy Scout, and today I feel like I really missed out on the lessons of being a Boy Scout, but more importantly having the opportunity to earn all those Cool Merit Badges.

Later in life, I continued buying patches at concerts, and any type of event selling patches, and I started my obsessive massive patch collection.

As an adult, I kept buying patches, and then I started mixing the patches into my Artwork.  I started making Giant Collages, and I would buy as many patches as I could find, in order to mix the patches into the art.  I enjoyed the texture and the vintage feel the patches added to my art.  One year for Halloween, I bought a bright orange auto mechanic jumpsuit, and I had my entire patch collection sewn onto it, and for Halloween, I was “Patch Man!”  A few years later while I was living in Los Angeles, I walked down the trendy shopping area of Melrose Avenue, and I bought every patch I could find.  I then purchased a Ralph Lauren jacket from my favorite Tall Man Store, and I had all of the patches sewn on the jacket and created my first “Hodge Podge” Design Jacket, with no particular theme, just patches everywhere.  A few years after that I created a Boy Scout’s Custom Patch Shirt, and I went to the Folsom Street Fair, in San Francisco dressed as a Boy Scout, allowing me to live out my Boy Scout Fantasy that I lost from my youth.  Out if the thousands of people there, I was the only person dressed as a Boy Scout.

This past year (pre-Covid) I started scouring the internet seeking out unique and different patches and buying as many different types of patches that I could find.  Some of the patches coming from Vietnam, Germany, and Russia.  I started designing my Newest Club Chad Design Jackets, with different themes.  The first two jackets I designed were all Clowns!  Moving forward, i tried to think of as many different themed jackets as I could.  My goal at the time was to create 7 Pro-to type jackets.  Being stuck inside because of the fear of getting Covid, seven jackets turned into sixteen different themed jackets.  No two jackets are alike!!

All my jackets are designed specifically for men that wear 3XLT, and I want that to be part of my niche.  Custom Denim Patch Jackets designed by a six-foot nine, man, for other Large and In-Charge Men!!!


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